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What to Love About Black Doors and Windows?

With the emergence of the ultra-modern chic and urban style, more and more homeowners are slowly incorporating the color black into their homes. Why not? Black is an essential color and can be used in a multitude of ways. We have decoded this love affair with black in interior design and have laid out some helpful tips for your next home remodeling project, whether you’re replacing your doors or windows.

What to Love About Black Doors and Windows?

Disappearing Act

Black recedes; white stands out. This color theory can be utilized in designing your windows and doors. If used against a backdrop of beautiful scenery, black window or door frames trick the eye into seeing through the window without noticing the frames around it. This leads to a seemingly unobstructed view.

Forgiving Color

Practicality has a lot to do with the popularity of black frames. Black conceals flaws and dirt, which would be very obvious on lighter colored frames. In kitchens, black frames hide grease, dust and other substances. 

Modern Staple

Minimalist furnishings with clean lines and sleek shapes are often found in black, which evokes sophistication and class. Black window frames and sliding doors together complete a casual, contemporary look.  

Black Pairing

Anything you pair with black automatically stands out. Installing black windows and doors in a room puts the focus on the decor and furniture you want to showcase. 

Whether or not you choose to install black French doors or window frames in your home, this trend is definitely not going away anytime soon. Interested? Let Renewal by Andersen of Dallas/Fort Worth lend you a hand with our line of custom window options. Call us at (877) 605-2922 to ask for a quote and get started. We serve Dallas, TX, and the surrounding communities.