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Tips on Creating a Fire Escape Plan

It’s always a good idea to have a home fire escape plan. Windows are an important aspect of the plan, as they can serve as a means of escape for you and your family during emergencies. As such, you need to be careful not to unintentionally block access to them.

Tips on Creating a Fire Escape Plan

Renewal by Andersen®  of Dallas and Fort Worth, a top custom windows company in the state, gives you some tips on how to help keep you and your family safe in the event of a fire.

The Basics of an Escape Plan 

Designate two means of escape from each room, which will usually include the windows, as well as a safe meeting place for your family outside. Teach your children how to use the windows to escape. Time is of the essence during an emergency, so practice your escape plan with your family regularly to ensure they’ll know what to do during a fire.

Consult a Professional Before Installing Window Guards 

Before you install any security bars or grilles, consult your local fire department or a building code official about the guidelines regarding their placement. Keep in mind that while these bars can keep unwanted guests out, they can also lock you and your family in your home, preventing you from escaping during an emergency.

Make Sure Your Windows Are in Good Working Condition 

Apart from clearing obstacles blocking access to the windows, make sure the windows aren’t jammed, nailed or painted shut. Each second counts during an emergency escape; precious time might be wasted trying to open double hung windows with a faulty opening mechanism.

Ask your local roofing contractor to check if your damaged windows should either be repaired or replaced. And make sure you only hire qualified and experienced contractors as you may have trouble opening improperly installed windows.

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