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How to Make Your Windows Into Stunning Focal Points

Aside from letting in natural light and providing ventilation, windows can serve as beautiful focal points inside your home. This can be done with minimal expense, or even without spending a dime–all you need is some imagination, and perhaps some help lifting things around.


Here are some cost-effective and easy ways to turn your replacement windows into focal points, courtesy of Renewal by Andersen® of Dallas and Fort Worth:

Use Curtains

Curtains and other window treatments can help draw attention to the windows. Just make sure to arrange them in such a way that they attract eyes to the windows and not the other way around.

Sheer curtains allow natural light to enter rooms and attract attention, even if they cover the window. Curtains with bold prints, on the other hand, will provide an interesting contrast to the natural light entering the window.

Furniture Arrangement

Furniture pieces such as chairs or a sofa can help draw attention to windows when placed nearby. Other furniture, like the TV center, will work best if placed between two windows.

Homeowners planning to put couches or tables near windows will do well to make sure that the windows feature Low-E glass as this will prevent harmful UV rays from damaging your valuables. Consider installing low-E windows for your next windows installation as the coating will help protect your home and furniture.

Plants Galore

Placing plants near windows will help draw some attention to them. Not every kind of plant works well for this purpose, however. Bigger windows, such as picture windows, require large potted plants, while smaller plants like little succulents or an orchid can work well near smaller windows.

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