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How to Identify and Fix a Leaking Window

Leaking windows can be frustrating to deal with. This problem exposes your home to more dust and moisture, not to mention the temperature outdoors. While it is a common nuisance in many households, it is fortunately one that you may be able to fix on your own.

In today’s blog post, Renewal by Andersen® of Dallas and Fort Worth, your local source of windows and doors, explains how to identify and repair a leaking window.

Detecting Window Leaks

Window leaks can be caused by various factors. The unit may have been poorly installed. The design of the home may also play a role, as well as the lack of upkeep. To identify the underlying cause, you need to perform an inspection as soon as indoor comfort levels are compromised.

Check the holes on the bottom of the frame, known as weep holes. They are built to drain off precipitation that often collects on the window’s tracks. Leaks may occur if these are clogged up. Then, check the condition of the seal. See if the window glass is secured to a vinyl or rubber gasket. Consider applying a new seal if the glass is about to come loose.

Fixing Window Leaks and Other Issues

When fixing potential leaks on your window, you’ll need to use a wire, cotton swab or compressed air to remove any debris inside weep holes. Sealing is the best solution for any damaged or cracked caulking. Inspect the frame to find out where water passes through the unit. Replace the damaged caulking accordingly. If water intrusion is a problem, we recommend checking the other components of your home, including your sliding doors and the roofing system.

If the affected window is old, you’re likely better off replacing it than putting more money into repairs. For this, turn to the reliable pros of Renewal by Andersen of Dallas and Fort Worth.

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