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Does Homeowners Insurance Cover Window Replacement?

Windows are exposed to the elements 24/7, which can cause wear and tear that will eventually compromise their performance. When this occurs, will your homeowner insurance pay to replace these damaged windows? Renewal by Andersen® of Dallas and Fort Worth, your trusted windows and doors company in the area, answers that question below.

Probably… If the Damage Was Caused by a Storm

Most home insurance policies only provide coverage for qualifying situations. As such, the manner in which your existing windows broke will determine whether the damage will be covered. If the windows broke because of a major weather event, such as impact damage from large hailstones or wind-blown debris, then replacing them may be covered by your homeowner insurance.

No… If the Damage Was Caused by Normal Wear and Tear

On the other hand, window damage caused by standard wear and tear usually won’t be covered. Most insurance policies exclude coverage for this type of damage because window maintenance is the homeowner’s responsibility. If your windows failed because water leakage and seal failure has been overlooked, then you’ll probably have to pay out of pocket for the replacement. The same goes for other exterior home components, like your sliding doors.

You should also note that there are implications in making small claims, such as a broken window. While your insurance provider is obligated to process your claim, a string of small claims can be expensive to them due to administrative costs. You might experience a rate increase because of this.

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