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Do You Have to Move Out During Window Replacement?

Do you need to move out of your home during a window replacement? Usually there’s no need to do this, though you may want to take the day off work so you can monitor your contractor’s progress as they install your new residential windows.

How Long Does Window Replacement Usually Take?

It should only take 40 to 60 minutes to install a window, although the type of window being installed can lengthen installation times. Bay windows, for instance, take longer to install because contractors may need to cut out a larger opening in the wall. If you’re installing standard-size windows, a contractor can typically install 10 to 15 windows in a single day.

Would It Be Better to Schedule Window Replacement in Stages

It’s more practical and cost-effective to replace all custom windows at once rather than doing it in piecemeal. Your contractor can work more efficiently when they do all the work in one go, which cuts down on labor expenses. It will also minimize the disruption to your life.

Preparing Your Home for Window Replacement

Cleaning up your home before the contractor arrives can help the window installation go more smoothly. Here are some tips:

  1. Remove window treatments as well as picture frames from your walls

  2. Move valuables into a secure room to prevent them from being damaged

  3. Cover your furniture with a tarp to protect from dust and debris

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