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Daylighting: What It Is and How to Use It at Home

Daylighting does more than just illuminate the interior of the home. It can help improve your mood, reduce fatigue and eyestrain, and even allow you to focus better on your work.


What is daylighting, and how can it best be utilized inside the home through your doors and windows? Renewal by Andersen® of Dallas and Fort Worth shares a quick look at what daylighting is and how to harness it.

What Is Daylighting?

Daylighting refers to the ways homes make use of the sun’s light to illuminate the interior in an effective way. It is meant to complement electrical lighting, reduce energy costs and enhance the environment inside.

Homeowners can harness the light of the sun to brighten up the home in a variety of ways. While windows are the most common option for daylighting, skylights are very useful too. Glass patio doors can also provide excellent natural lighting inside a home.

Plan Your Daylighting Design Carefully

While it’s always nice to have a bright home, too much natural light might make your home uncomfortably warm when it’s hot outside. Glass sliding doors, for example, will allow more light and heat in compared to smaller windows or solid doors. Be careful to consider the amount of heat that natural lighting will add to your home and plan accordingly.

Know Your Site’s Solar Orientation

Homeowners will do well to consider their home’s location and orientation in order to maximize daylighting. The direction a window and door faces should determine what type of glass and glazing it needs. This is so that harmful elements such as UV rays are kept away while helpful elements such as light are allowed inside.

Choose Finishes Wisely

Natural lighting can be maximized by using the right finishing for your interior. The light that passes through your French doors, for example, can illuminate the room better if the walls or ceilings are painted white.

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