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Commonly Asked Questions about Energy-Efficient Windows

Energy-efficient windows are one of the most important things that any homeowner should consider when it comes to home improvement. However, many people still don’t know enough about how exactly these windows help their homes. To help you get a better understanding of energy-efficient windows, Renewal of Andersen® of Dallas and Fort Worth answers the most common questions about them.

 What Is Insulated Glass?

Energy-efficient windows tend to have insulated glass. Compared to the glass panes found in regular windows, insulated glass is specially designed to improve your home’s insulation either by having extra airtight seals, an insulative coating on the glass panes, have multiple panes (glass layers), or a combination of those features.

What Are Gas-Filled Windows?

Gas-filled windows are windows that have a dual or multi-pane glass. Instead of having regular air between the individual glass panels, gas-filled windows have argon or xenon filling up those gaps. Because these special gasses do a better job of absorbing heat, gas-filled windows tend to have better energy efficiency compared to regular multi-pane windows.

What Are Energy-Efficient Frames Made of?

Energy-efficient windows use frame materials that have good thermal resistance to minimize the amount of heat released in the home. Our energy-efficient options use Fibrex, a type of composite material that provides better thermal resistance than wood or metal frames while also boasting lower maintenance requirements.

What are U-value and R-value?

R-value and U-value are often used to quantify the energy-efficiency of certain parts of the home. R-value is the more popular term when talking about how well the ceiling and walls are insulated, but it doesn’t translate well when talking about the energy-efficiency of doors or windows. This is why most people use the term U-value when talking about windows and doors. In any case, you’d still want high R-values and U-values for your home.

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