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Common Mistakes Good Window Installers Don’t Make

Even the smallest error in installation can affect the performance of your new windows. Local window contractor Renewal by Andersen® of Dallas and Fort Worth discuss the common mistakes amateur installers commit.

Window Installers

Wrong Size of Rough Opening

The rough opening requirements often vary depending on the style of the window and the local building codes. Unfortunately, many manufacturers offer “standard” sizes that cost less than custom-built windows but would only fit a specific rough opening size. Our experienced installers begin the window replacement process by taking precise measurements for the replacement window to fit the opening, making sure to leave enough space for the application of the sealant and spray foam.

Wrong Application of Spray Foam

Expanding spray foam is applied to spaces between the rough opening and the window frames to increase the insulating value of the replacement windows. Many inexperienced installers, however, are prone to committing mistakes whenever they use this tool. Dispensing too much foam can cause the frames to warp and distort.

Smudges and Stains

Part of the whole process is making sure the new windows are being handled with care, from the time they’re delivered to your home until they’re fully installed. To ensure your satisfaction with the products you purchase, we see to it that there are no stains and smudges on the frames and glass before we perform a demonstration of your newly-installed windows.

Failure to Adhere to Installation Procedures

While most windows are installed using several methods, many window manufacturers have their own special requirements that installers need to follow. Our skilled windows installation pros always make sure to follow manufacturer instructions to ensure your new windows’ long-term performance and beauty.

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