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Best Window Styles for Aging-in-Place Homes

You’ll likely need to make a few modifications to your home if you plan to age in place. While renovations like moving the master bedroom to the ground floor and improving accessibility in the bathroom are obvious, don’t forget to think about how your residential windows may need to be modified to make your home more safe and comfortable as you age.

Why should windows be considered? First, they help provide adequate ventilation by allowing fresh, clean air to come in while letting stale indoor air escape. Second, they provide security. Third, they make the home look good, which is something all homeowners appreciate.


Renewal by Andersen® of Dallas and Fort Worth shares a few tips on how to choose the right windows for your home as you plan to age in place.

Natural Lighting

Consider adding more windows to your home, as natural light will help you see things better as you get older. If it’s impossible to add more windows to your home, you can replace older windows with picture windows or custom windows that can let more natural light into your home.

You can also replace old doors providing access to the backyard with French Doors. This will help allow more light in without compromising security.

Ease of Use

Windows should be easy to open and close. Sliding windows, which open by gliding sideways along a track, are a great option for aging-in-place homes. These windows are easier to operate than windows that need to be pushed outward or raised upward like double-hung windows.

Lowered Windows

Windows can be used as a means of egress in the event of an emergency. Consider installing lowered windows, or tall windows that reach down to the floor, to provide yourself with a means of escape in the event of a fire.

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