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6 Tips to Consider When Designing a Home Office

A home office should always be a well-designed room, whether you use it for work or as a place to organize your most important documents. Some homeowners struggle when it comes to designing a home office, but thankfully there are ways around this dilemma.

Here Renewal by Andersen® of Dallas/Fort Worth, the pros at installing custom windows, list six tips that you can follow when designing your new home office.

Blend Form and Function – When designing your home office, make sure to consider your workflow and what items you’ll need kept nearby. After all, your desk, shelves and storage space should serve you rather than make your life more difficult. With that in mind, choose furniture that will complement your entire home while remaining as functional as possible at the same time.

Find the Right Location – Make sure to carefully consider your home office’s location in your house, as you might find yourself spending many hours in this room. With that in mind, choose a moderately-sized room to convert into a home office. This way, the room will have good traffic flow and you won’t have a stiff work space.

A Room With a View – When designing your home office, be sure to place your desk in front of your residential windows so you’ll have an interesting view and natural light as you work. If your home office has old windows, consider having them replaced with new ones to maintain the room’s energy efficiency.

Cheerful Wall Colors – During the design process, choose a paint color that you know you’ll love for the office walls. Since the office is in your home, opt out of the standard “office beige” and instead pick a bright, cheery color that you love, which will help you do your best work.

Invest in a Good Chair – As stated before, you could spend many hours sitting in your home office. With that in mind, consider purchasing an ergonomic chair to prevent discomfort as you work.

Bring in the Light – Make sure your office has plenty of light, whether natural or artificial, to cut down on eye strain and headaches. If you prefer natural light, then consider replacing your old windows with better ones that can let larger amounts of natural light into the room.

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