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A Guide to What Goes Into Your Window Replacement Budget

Ever wondered why getting new residential windows costs as much as they usually do? Why do window projects cost differently from one installation to another? You’re in luck because today we’re taking a look at the general breakdown of a typical window replacement budget.

window replacement costs

The Window Frame

The window frame holds the entire window in place. Therefore, it must be made of sturdy material. The most popular frame materials include wood and metal but vinyl frames tend to be more popular because of their cost. Still, you may want to consider getting Fibrex® windows, which are known for their durability and energy efficiency.

The Glass

Regardless of whether you’re going for double-hung windows, casement windows, or even picture windows, you need to pay attention to the glass or glazing used in your window. Some glass panes cost more but have features like gas inserts and low-E coating that improve their energy efficiency, giving you more value in the long run.

The Window Style

Some window options tend to have more components than others. For example, double-hung windows feature rails, latches, stoppers, and locking mechanisms. On the other hand, picture windows are nothing more than glass panels set in a fixed frame. The more components your chosen window style has, the more it costs compared to a simpler, similarly-sized window.

The Service

Windows take some degree of skill and equipment to make sure they’re installed according to the manufacturer’s specifications. This is why we strongly advise against going for a DIY approach, especially when dealing with custom windows. Sure, you end up paying for the service, but it beats having to deal with problems due to improper installation later on.

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